The regulatory measure administrating the use of antibiotics is to done with the purpose to ensure the patients receive a medication that effectively counters and extirpates the concerned bacteria without causing any side-effects. Some antibiotics are specific in terms of what they treat while others are broader in use. The right combination must be apportioned to remedy any bacterial disease.

Antibiotics work by inhibiting bacterial cell wall and protein synthesis by manipulating the cell wall and shape of the bacteria which ends up eradicating it, thereby curing the disease. Based on this function, antibiotics can be classified into three agent categories called β-lactam antibiotics:

  1. Narrow Spectrum,
  2. Broad Spectrum and
  3. Extended Spectrum

Narrow Spectrum antibiotics target only a limited species of gram-positive bacteria so their use is limited. Broad Spectrum antibiotics can kill or inhibit a wide range of microorganisms including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Lastly, an Extended Spectrum antibiotic is one that is chemically engineered to target and inhibit or kill more than gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. They are stronger in terms of potency and area of effectiveness.
At Aravis Pharmaceuticals we are dedicated to catering to a diversified assortment of Antibiotic needs for manufacturers worldwide and offer the below listed products.

Product Name Strength Pack Type
Ceftriaxone for Injection 1000mg 10ml/20 ml
250 mg / 500 mg 7.5ml
Cefotaxime for Injection 1000mg 10ml/20 ml
250 mg / 500 mg 7.5ml
Cefoperazone for Injection 1000mg 20ml
Ceftazidime for Injection 1000mg 20ml
Cefepime for Injection 1000 mg 20ml
Cefazoline for injection 1000 mg 10ml/20 ml
Cefuroxime for injection 1500 mg 10ml
750 mg 20ml
250 mg 7.5 ml
Cefpirome Sulphate for Injection 1000mg 20ml
Cefotaxime&Sulbactam for Injection 1000mg +500 mg 20 ml
Ceftriaxone &Sulbactam for Injection 3000mg +1500 mg 30 ml
2000mg +1000 mg 20 ml
1000mg +500 mg 20ml