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About us

About Us

About Aravis Pharmaceuticals

About Aravis Pharmaceuticals

Aravis is a science backed pharmaceutical company driven with the passion to deliver innovative and advanced products across a broad range to meet the varied needs of the medical sector. Over the past 30+ years, we have worked with the world's best scientists and industry experts to serve humankind with advanced pharmaceutical solutions in a more diligent and comprehensive manner.

We leverage advanced scientific methods to find solutions that will improve the quality of life and expand patients’access to the most technologically advanced pharmaceutical drugs. At Aravis Pharmaceuticals, we are committed to offering quality and innovative solutions at every step of the way that are efficient and cost-effective.

Based out of the national capital of India, Aravis Pharmaceuticals takes immense pride in being able to establish a cordial and trustworthy relationship with our partners, stakeholders and customer. We have built bridges of in the world of healthcare by improving our products year after year and have reached a position of excellence after years of perseverance.

Over the years, we have not only designed superior pharma drugs but have also become renowned figures in the Pharma industry.

Having begun in 1987 as mere wholesalers, we are now Wholesale Suppliers and Merchant Exporters for Tablets, Injections, Capsules, Syrups, Surgical products, Herbal medication, Antibiotics, Multi-vitamins and more.

30+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry

We work diligently towards playing our part in offering easy access to high-quality medicinal drugs so people all over the world can see brighter and healthier days with the advancement of healthcare and live longer, healthier lives.

The cornerstone of our company is to be listed in the top 5 exporters of pharma drugs from India by 2030; providing innovative solutions at affordable prices.

Aravis Pharmaceuticals’ has always focused on crafting high-quality pharma drugs that can help elevate the standards of man-made medicine in the most and cost-effective manner possible. In the last 34 years, our values have grown to reflect our contribution to society, our constant need to overcome hurdles with ingenuity& patience and a drive to achieve a healthy life for all.

Our experience over the years


Recognised as a One Star Export House


Branched out to CIS region


100 Products registered under our Brand


First Branch office in Myanmar


First Export to Myanmar


Became Licensed Merchant Exporter of Antibiotics


Started as a Wholesaler